Avoiding Increases in Auto Insurance

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If you receive an update from your provider about an increment in your insurance premium, you can reduce the rates by taking some few steps. When your insurance rates are going up, don’t worry yourself, these tips will help you avoid a rise in your insurance rates and get lower rates.

1. Safe Driving

Although this sounds common, so many people are ignorant of the role their driving manner plays in determining the amount they pay as premium. The tickets you have gotten and the severity of those infractions you have recorded are key factors. Avoid the tickets if you must reduce your insurance bills. Ensure you remove any ticket you have gotten from traffic school. If all you have is a single infraction, that won’t get your rates up. On the other hand, multiple incidents, especially when you are at fault, will cause your rates to jump up quickly. Hence the need for careful driving; always have safety in mind.

2. Avoid Drinking and Driving

The fastest and easiest way to boost your premiums is by obtaining a DUI. Every year, thousands of people lost their lives to alcohol-related auto crash. And this

PIP Auto Insurance

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Maybe you have also heard the term PIP auto insurance, and it sent you wondering, what’s that now? Here is some light of what PIP auto insurance is all about; PIP (Personal Injury Protection) auto insurance is a type of vehicle coverage. It is added insurance cover that will clear some of your hospital bills after a genuine car accident. It will also pay for some others non-incident related charges.

PIP has so many benefits, and the most obvious one is that PIP auto insurance compensates for lost wages resulting from any serious injuries that the insured suffers. Secondly, a PIP claim will be active regardless of who was responsible for the accident; this is what insurance experts refer to as “no fault” protection.

You can get your “PIP” insurance cover for your car online within 5 minutes. You can also do shop to shop comparisons from up to 10 national carriers and then select the plan that seems to work best for you.


Medical costs are high, and they are rising year after year, maybe you have not considered that fact. There are various aspects in a motor car accident,

Why Can a Total Loss Claim Take What Feels Like an Eternity to Settle

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When a vehicle is written off can be horrific. It may even be terrifying.

Did you know that there genuinely are one million and one ways to have a vehicle declared a total loss. From fire, flood, accident, theft and everything between. From the outside looking in, some reasons many seem humours, however we can never lose sight of the fact that in some cases the scenario that leads you to make a claim can at best be described as “heart braking”.

We know only too well that when it comes to making your gap insurance claim we can never presume to know that it is an easy experience. We completely understand that time is also of the essence. In some cases you may be without transport. Depending upon what you use your vehicle for this may even mean that you are unable to work.

So if everyone understands the urgency and the need for tact when dealing with a gap insurance claim why can it take so long?

The simple and most common reason is that no gap insurance company can ever process a claim or pay a settlement until your own motor

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This Is How Your Insurance Company Handles Claims

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First, there should be enough data about everyone who has involvement in the accident. A complete information makes everything quicker, and it allows for more satisfactory closure as well.

After Accident

Once an accident occurs, the first thing to do is to let your insurance provider know about it. Call your independent agents or the company and provide as many details as possible. Get out of the vehicle and start writing down the other party’s name, license number, the model of the car, and contact information. Do not forget to ask for the person’s insurance information, too. If the accident involves more than two drivers, keep the same records of all of them.

Time and location of the accident are important, and this is why a dashcam is useful. Modern cameras record and save not only video footage but also GPS data. You can use the video as evidence. Some claims are not straightforward enough, so it is necessary to get all the data you can to avoid problems afterward. Photos and videos are undeniable records in this case. Even if you do not have a dashcam, use the phone camera to take pictures of

The 6 Strangest Car Insurance Claims Ever

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1. You animal you! Imagine that you’re a gardener who is innocently buying some plants at a nursery. You stroll along to your car and as you near it, you see a passing camel inexplicably jerk out its hind leg and kick your car! Well for one man, this wasn’t a hypothetical situation. It really did happen, and although this gardener’s insurance company was indignant about the validity of his claim, he was fortunate enough to obtain footage from a local television company who happened to be filming in the area and accidentally caught the camel’s surprise act on camera.

2. Fly trap. A car insurance claim was submitted with the simple explanation of ‘I crashed because I was trying to kill a fly buzzing around in my car.’ We wonder if the insurance company paid out? Unlikely…

3. Stranger than fiction. In a claim that sounds more like something that was scripted for a movie, a shamefaced man had an ill stroke of luck. Firstly, this poor fellow was involved in a fender bender with the vehicle in front of him. He then reversed slightly, wanting to assess the damage, and promptly bashed into the

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